by Josh Campbell

if you see your name in the paper, about a collection that is taking you to court, should you already have a letter, before the newspaper has the information

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Feb 26, 2010
Help re information published in newspaper
by: Mary

Hi Josh:

To adequately answer your question, I need some more information from you. Have you already been sued by the debt collector? If you were, you should have been served with an official court notice telling you about the lawsuit. Were you? What kind of debt are you being sued for?

I understand that having information about being sued in the newspaper is embarrassing for you, but lawsuit-related information is part of the public record. Therefore, there may be nothing wrong with what happened. In fact the paper may have a reporter who regularly collects local lawsuit information from the court records.

I look forward to your getting back to me with the information I've asked for.


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