Help with very old debt

by rochelle
(mount vernon ny)

Can capital one still make me pay their outside consumer if the debt is over ten year old i havent had anything to do with this account since 2001

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Mar 01, 2011
Collecting on an old debt to Capital One

Your question is not totally clear but I think you are asking if Capital One can still try to collect outstanding credit card debt when you have not used the credit card on which you ran up that debt since 2001. Assuming that is your question, yes, Capital One or the debt collector it may be using to collect the debt or to whom it may have sold the debt, can continue to contact you about paying what you owe. However because the statute of limitations on credit card debt in NYS is 6 years and so the statute of limitations on your debt has run out, you cannot be sued for the money that you owe.

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