Harrasing debt collector.

by Monica
(Plainview, TX 79072)

I owe a debt and i told the debt collector that i will send him $50.00 a month till its paid off. i owe $1216.00 but my bill was only for $500.00. anyway he said that if i don't pay it in full $1216.00 he will put it on me and my spouse so that the next time we wont get a loan. My question is, can he put it on my spouse also even if it is not his debt? and can i not make arrangement on what i can pay to pay it out? my husband and i try to pay the bills we have on time were just going through a tough time right now. I will be more than happy to pay what i told him.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:


A debt collector is not required to accept what you can afford to pay him and since it's his job to collect as much as possible (so he can get paid!) he's probably trying to push you to pay more quickly. Collectors really don't like to take small monthly payments because there's a good chance many debtors won't be able to keep up on the payments, and because it takes them a long time to make money that way.

But still, he can't make threats that aren't true and threatening to put this on your husband (I assume you mean your husband's credit report?) when it is your individual debt may be illegal. So if we were in your shoes, we would suggest you at least talk with a consumer law attorney for a free consultation to find out whether the debt collector may be breaking the law. If he is, the attorney should be able to help you understand what your options are.

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