Can a debt collector call me five times a days even if I have talked with them already? I haven't received a letter from them (NCO) and on my caller id show different phone numbers but all said (NCO)



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Sep 16, 2009
Debt collector harassment
by: Gerri


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not specify how many phone calls in what period of time constitutes harassment - that is usually left up to the courts to decide. But five phone calls in one day when they have already talked with you could potentially be considered harassment. I hope you are taking notes on our free debt collection worksheet so you have a record of when they called.

In addition, the FDCPA requires debt collectors to send you a written notice of the debt within 5 days of when they originally contact you about it. If it has been longer than that, and you still haven't seen anything from them, I would suggest you contact a consumer law attorney for advice. The first consultation is often free, but be sure to ask. The fact that you have been taking careful notes should help.

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