Global Collection Corp

by G Day
(Mesa Arizona)

We received no formal letter from this company although our acct was turned over to them 3 months prior from Capital One.

After a phone conversation where my wife agreed to make a $44.00 pmnt that was apparently agreed upon with the rep before the end of the month, 7 days later they mailed us an "approved plan of payments" of $103.86 monthly for the next 6 months requiring the first payment within 5 days of receipt of their payment plan.

I emailed the sender a reply telling them to check their recorded conversations, we have the reps name tel no. and exten. regarding an acceptable pmnt. In the same letter I notified them we will be sending a certified letter asking for full disclosure of the account.

They claim letters were sent out on the first of each month since March and it wasn't until I told them (on May 13 2011) to email and/or fax me the official letter did we receive it. The letter from them is dated May 10 2011. Do I have 30 days from that date to file an account verification letter with them did that window expire 30 days after March when they claimed to have sent us a letter notifying us that Cap One had given them the acct for collection?

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Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have thirty days from the initial communication from the debt collector to request verification of the debt. If they are claiming to have sent letters you never received, you may want to talk with a consumer law attorney.

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