girl owes me $5000

by SJ

I took a girl to court that owes me $5000 and she didnt show up. I hired a collector but, she doesnt have a job or money in a bank account

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May 12, 2010
Collecting on a judgment
by: Mary

Although this site is for people who are having problems with debt collectors, not for people who are having problems collecting from someone, I will provide you a short answer to your question.

If the woman you have a judgment against has no assets to collect from, then you are out of luck, at least for now. Her financial situation may change eventually however, and if that were to happen, you could try again to enforce the judgment you have against her.

Best of luck!

Jul 27, 2010
daughter was 17
by: Anonymous

my daughter was 17 when she signed a contract to go to school and now she is 20 and is being sued for the amount

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