Getting calls about Sons debts

by Bev
(Everett WA)

What do I say to a collector when they call about my Sons debts? How much information should I give them, if any? I don't want to get involved.

Thank you

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Feb 05, 2012
Getting Calls about Sons Debts
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your response. I have also printed out your Worksheet. It will be nice to have my phone ringing for pleasant calls.


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Glad you found it helpful!

Feb 05, 2012
Getting calls about Sons debts

Debt collectors are allowed to contact other people including family members about someone's debt, but only to find out how to locate that individual. I assume that this is why the collector is calling you. If the collector is discussing the amount of the debt or pressuring you to pay it, then the collector has violated the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you may want to talk with a consumer law attorney .

There is no law however requiring you to answer the collector's questions. Therefore, I recommend that you politely tell the collector that you are not able to be of help to him and that he should not call you again. If the collector tries to engage you in conversation after you convey that message, let the collector know that you are going to end the call and then just hang up.

If the collector continues to call don't answer the phone assuming you have caller ID and so you can know who is calling. Eventually the collector will decide that he needs to obtain the information he wants some other way.

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