GE money Bank

by Penny
(Yorkville Illinois usa)

We took a loan out from GE money bank (care credit) for $3000 in May 2009 for Chiropractic care. Within a month they started calling and demanding payment. When we took the loan we were told that it was interest free for one year with no payments.

Well they call several times a day and we mailed them the info not to call anymore until May 2010. They stopped calling and since then our chiropracter has stopped using them altogether and feels they are a scam. What do we do come May?

They have added hundreds of dollars of late charges and are not following through on our original agreement.

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Mar 03, 2010
GE Money Bank
by: Gerri


I have found numerous complaints online about the GE Money Bank CareCredit card. It seems you are not alone in your experience.

Since they have not turned over the debt to a collection agency, I can't advise about collection matters. However, given what you are telling me, my advice would be for you to consult a consumer law attorney in your area. Visit to find one with experience in credit related cases.

You can also complain to your state attorney general, but I usually those offices don't get involved in investigating individual disputes. They look for a pattern of abuse and then go after the company.

Make sure you are keeping a file with a copy of every statement. (Print out online statements if you go that route.) Take notes of every conversation with them and put them in your file etc.

Please let us know what you find out!

May 19, 2010
greedy SOBs
by: feeed2death

I have had an outstanding balance with these people for almost forever! Why? Their fees and rates are terrible. The longer you have an outstanding balance the less you get anywhere. No matter what you pay you get raped. And when you miss a payment you get slammed, big time. No working things out, no we under stand customer service. Just pay or you are screwed! What is the point of having a credit card to help in emergencies if you can't keep up with outlandish interests rates and fees!

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