gas/heating bill in collection

in 2005 the building i lived in did not have instalation in the whole house i didnt know that until the gas people came out to look at the meter i bought heaters my family and i slept in one room it was so high i asked my daughter to help she put the bill in her name and i kept on paying on the bill i moved the bill came with me i then had the bill put back in my name so now im thinking my daughter is clear now 2010 my daughter get a bill for 1,4oo.oo for the old bill her gas /heat got turned off but what i dont understand is how come im paying for the old housre and paying for the new house to

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May 15, 2010
Heating Bill in Collection
by: Mary

I am afraid I do not have a good answer to your question. I suggest that you contact the utility for an explanation. When you do it would be a good idea to request a printout of your bill for the time period you are concerned about. Your daughter may need to do the same thing if as you say during part of that time, the bill for the gas heat was in her name. Review the printout/s to see if the information corresponds with your records. If you do not understand some of the information on the printout/s or if you find discrepancies between what your records show and what the printout/s show, get back in touch with the utility.

If in fact the utility is correct that there is a $1400 past due balance owed, you or your daughter (who ever owes it) should try to negotiate a payment plan with the utility. Otherwise, it will be impossible for whoever legally owes that money to get gas service in the future.

Best of luck resolving your problem.

Feb 25, 2015
So lost
by: rjb

I had a large gas bill of $3000 in 2011 I was making payments. My friend tries to help by paying some of the bill for me, but pays with a bad check so now they only will take cash. I could not pay. So now it's in collections. It's 2015 and I'm still in same apartment with now gas metre. Because now flagged the house. What do I do?

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We are not sure we fully understand your question but if you have an outstanding bill and continue to use the services it is usually legal for them to require payment to continue service. There may be some protections that allow you to work out a payment plan, but it really varies by jurisdiction. You will need to find out which agency regulates the utility and contact them. We're sorry we can't be more specific, but again, this really varies by jurisdiction and there are no uniform federal laws.

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