by Toni

I have a judgement on truck we had to let go for 7,000 and I'm they only one working and I only make anywhere from 200 to 300 bi weekly can they take money out of my check?

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Dec 05, 2011

I assume that the judgment against you is for the deficiency you owe on your truck loan -- the difference between what the lender was able to sell your car for after it was taken from you and the total amount that you owe on the truck. To collect on the judgment, the lender may ask the court to do any of the following: garnish your wages, take money from your bank account, put a lien on an asset you own, which would prevent you from selling the asset or transferring it to someone else without paying off the lien first, or seizing an asset that you own.

Although your wages can be garnished, there are limitations in your state regarding how much money can be taken from each of your paychecks. Also, I am not an attorney but I think it would be a good idea for you to talk with one given how little money you take home each pay period. It's possible that you may be able to use your low income to challenge the garnishment. Again, I am not an attorney so I don't know if this applies to you or not, but it is certainly worth finding out and doing so should cost you little or nothing.

Another option to explore is the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. Doing so would stop all efforts to enforce the judgment and give you time to decide what to do about the money you owe. A bankruptcy attorney will look at the overall state of your finances and tell you if you could benefit from filing. Your initial consultation with the attorney will be free.

For resources that can help you find out if you have grounds to challenge the garnishment or if you are a good candidate for bankruptcy, go here consumer law attorney.

Dec 10, 2011
Can my Florida State Retirement Benefits be garnished
by: Robert Vogel

I cosigned for an apartment for my grandson to go to college, he's unable to pay the rent and so am I, if sued by the apartment complex, can my Florida Retirement Benefits be garnished?

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Generally, retirement plan funds are protected from garnishment under Florida Statutes 222.21. It's our understanding that includes most Florida state retirement benefit plans, but we are not attorneys so please don't take that as legal advice.

It would not be a bad idea for you to ask an attorney just in case: Ask Consumer Protection Lawyers Now

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