by Brian
(priest river, idaho)

I want to pay the garnishment, but would like to have some of the interest and charges reduced. Can this be done and how?

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Jun 17, 2010
garnishment negotiation
by: Mary & Gerri

Can you please clarify your situation? Are your wages being garnished for a debt that you owe? What type of debt is this? (There can be a big difference between student loan, tax, or credit card debt for example?)

Are your wages actually being garnished, or is there simply a judgment against you? What state you live in? Have you tried to negotiate?

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Jun 18, 2010
by: brian

I live in Idaho . this was a credit debt, about 6yrs old. Tried to set up payment plan but they wouldn't do it, so I just quit trying. Until they garnished my wages. I then called the attorney handling this and he wouldn't talk about it.

Jun 21, 2010
wages garnished
by: Brian


Thanks for the additional information. We assume they sued you for this debt, you did not appear in court to defend yourself, and they obtained a court judgment allowing them to garnish your wages. If that's NOT the case, let us know.

Now that the creditor has both a judgment and garnishment is in place it will be tough to negotiate.

What I would suggest you do is talk with a bankruptcy attorney and find out whether bankruptcy may be an option for you. Bankruptcy generally stops wage garnishment.

If wiping out this debt in bankruptcy is an option, then you can go back to the law firm that has the judgment, explain that you have met with a bankruptcy attorney and tell them that you will have to consider filing for bankruptcy if they will not work with you. They may be more open to negotiating with you if they know they may not get paid at all.

You may also trying going to the court where the judgment was entered, to find out what the procedure is to appeal the wage garnishment. But we don't know how difficult that will be.

Let us know what happens here Brian.

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