garnishment and writs

by BEE

We are in foreclosure and there is a date for summary judgment or deficiency judgment and attorneys fees and something else. The a mortgage is an FHA loan and I was told by the case manager from US Bank Home Mortgage that we would not be responsible for any of the expenses.

Yet we received a notice that a hearing will take place in front of a foreclosure judge to decide it. If a judge agrees with the banks attorney can we be made to pay moneys we don't have? Can a garnishment or a writ be accomplished? Something that give someone the right to enter our banks and present a writ and the bank can give them the money?

Joseph is 89 and he keeps his non taxable pension separate from his ssa money,to be safe.Now I know that his ssa money is exempt from being garnished, or taken,yet banks frequently attach those funds anyway.

What needs to be done to counter that?

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