Furniture Recovery

by Kelly

I had purchased furniture from a store in Florida costing $5000. Since that time I had lost my job so I couldn't make the regular payments on the items. It then went into debt collection and now they are asking to recover the furniture. The only problem being I was in a relationship and since that time I am no longer with that person,and he,without my knowledge, sold the unpaid furniture. So with there being a admin recovery order I dont know what to do. Whats going to happen if I can't pay what they are asking for and there is no longer furniture to pick up in exchange? I would GREATLY appreciate a response!!

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Dec 09, 2011
Furniture Recovery


If the furniture company wants its furniture back and you no longer have the furniture, it will expect for you to pay what you owe somehow. Can the person who sold the furniture help you come up with the money? After all he/she is partially responsible for the situation you are in.

Do you have a copy of the financing agreement you signed with the furniture company? It may spell out what will happen in your situation. If not, I would expect that once the company learns that you no longer have the furniture, it will sue you for the money you owe and if it wins a judgment against you, it will ask the court for permission to collect on the judgment. It may try to collect by garnishing (taking) your wages once you get a job again (There is a limit on how much can be taken out of each of your paychecks.), taking money from your bank account, putting a lien on an asset you own, or taking an asset from you, assuming it's not exempt (protected from your creditors).

Given your situation you may be a good candidate for bankruptcy but a bankruptcy attorney needs to make that determination based on an analysis of your finances. If you filed for bankruptcy, it would stop all collection efforts, including lawsuits and any actions to enforce court judgments, and give you time to figure out how to resolve your debts. Depending on the kind of bankruptcy you file, you can get rid of all (or most) of your unsecured debt. Go here for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Dec 17, 2015
Furniture theft
by: Anonymous

I was making payments on a bedroom set and I moved. When I went to get the rest of my bedroom stuff it was gone and the place called me today and they were going to go file a theft report and bring the sheriff out to my job to pick me up for theft. Is that possible? I told them what happened.

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No it doesn't sound right to us. Being unable to pay a bill doesn't usually result in arrest.

However, you do need to continue to pay it off--even if you no longer have it--or work out some kind of settlement, or you could be sued. (We assume you didn't have renter's insurance that would have covered the theft...?)

You may want to get in touch with Legal Aid right away to try to find out what your rights are here.

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