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We know that if you are struggling with collection calls, you don’t have a lot of extra money to pay an attorney! But, there are free and low-cost options that can help you. They include:

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We've chosen these services because we believe they can help consumers solve debt collection problems. We are affiliates of some of these services, which means we may be compensated for our marketing services. That’s one of the ways we can offer free help on this site. To learn more, please read our disclosure here.

#1: Talk to a Consumer Law Attorney for Free!

Did you know that if a debt collector is breaking the law, there are attorneys who will help you--and you pay nothing out of pocket for their services?

How can they afford to do that? 

Because a debt collection agency that has violated the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act may have to pay your attorney’s fees and pay you money damages. As a result, when you sue a debt collector for breaking the law, there is typically no out of pocket cost to you at any point, from your consultation with the attorney to litigation to settlement.

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#2: Get an Answer From an Attorney Right Away

If you are not being harassed by a debt collector, but need a fast answer to a question related to debt collection and your past due debt, we’ve partnered with This service lets you ask a question and get it answered inexpensively and conveniently online. It’s super easy!

#3: Being Sued for a Debt? Get a Free Initial Consultation

If you are being sued for a debt, it is very important that you don’t ignore the lawsuit! If you do, the creditor or collection agency will very likely get a default judgment against you, and once that happens, they may be able to garnish your wages, take the money in your bank accounts or take other collection actions depending on your state. Also, default judgments can stay on your credit history for a very, very long time.

That’s why we recommend talking with a consumer law attorney as soon as you know you have been sued or even if you think you may be sued. The attorney will explain your options for dealing with the lawsuit.

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#4: Get a Free Initial Evaluation by a Bankruptcy Attorney

If there is no way you can afford to pay all or some of your debts, talk with a bankruptcy attorney. Filing for bankruptcy may be a good option for you. If you do, collectors cannot call you anymore or take any other actions to get you to pay what you owe, and you may be able to discharge (eliminate) some or all of your debts.

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#5: Ask for Assistance from Legal Aid

If the above suggestions aren't helpful to you, then you may want to look into free help from the Legal Aid office in your area.

In many parts of the country, legal aid offices or legal clinics staffed by law students provide low cost or free legal help with consumer law problems. These services are available to qualified low-income consumers who qualify. To find a Legal Aid office in your area, type the name of your state + legal aid into a search engine or contact your local bar association.

Please remember, though, if a debt collector is breaking the law in its efforts to collect from you, a consumer law attorney may be willing to take on your case for free. So you may not need to contact Legal Aid.


Debt collectors may be breaking the law if they have:

  • Talked to your friends, family, neighbors or employers about your debts
  • Refused to identify themselves
  • Threatened to sue you or throw you in jail if you don't pay what you owe
  • Tried to trick you
  • Threatened to ruin your credit forever
  • Attempted to collect a debt you've already paid
  • Threatened to garnish your wages before taking you to court and getting a judgment against you
  • Used abusive language, profanity or racial threats when communicating with you, or harassed you about a very old debt

Please note that the neither the authors of Debt Collection Answers, or Ultimate Credit Solutions Inc. (which is the owner of this website, are attorneys, nor do we provide legal advice on this website.

We may be compensated for the marketing services we provide when we recommend specific products or services to our readers. It’s one of the ways we can continue to offer free answers to your questions at this website.

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Choosing an attorney is an important decision. Please keep in mind that past results do not guarantee future outcomes.

We hope you find the information and services you find here helpful, and welcome your comments!

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