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Michael Bovee

Michael Bovee

This podcast features free debt settlement advice. Talk Credit Radio host Gerri Detweiler interviews a debt negotiation expert who shares how debt settlement works and what you need to know to successfully negotiate with credit card companies, medical providers, or debt collectors.

You'll learn:

Why you have to be willing to fall behind to settle your debts;

Why creditors are more willing to negotiate now than they have been in the past;

What kind of deals you can expect to get from credit card companies;

What you can do to help lessen the chances you'll be sued for a debt;

The three "buckets" that creditors put debts into, and why that's important to you;

The danger in a 36-month plan to negotiate your debts;

and much more!

You can listen online using the player below, or download the interview to listen on your computer, mp3 player or smartphone.

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