Free Debt Collection Worksheet

Use our free debt collection worksheet to keep track of all your interactions with debt collectors.

Our worksheet is a PDF file. You can either open it and type directly into the file and save it to your computer, or you can print it and fill it out by hand.

Print out or save copies on your computer so they will be available when the collector calls.

Download our free debt collection worksheet here

Keeping good records each time you talk with a debt collector is essential.

If you write down your conversations with debt collector immediately, you are more likely to accurately recall what was discussed or agreed. Even if you don't come to agreement with the collector, you will have a record of your attempts to work something out.

Dealing with debt collectors is often very emotional, and it's easy to lose track of what was said unless you take notes right away.

This worksheet can be used with our free ebook. If a debt collector does or says something that may be illegal, you may have the documentation necessary to level the playing field with the collector - or you may have the information you need if you have to sue the debt collector.

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