Fred Hanna & Associates

by Winston
(Gary, IN)

This is a law firm/collection agency from Marietta, GA. They are associated with Bank of America and Chase as well as a network of over 70 law firms throughout the country. I don't think these guys will stop at anything to get a buck out of people. They are the nastiest, sleaziest and most immoral outfit out there. They have been investigated by the Atty. General of GA, whom they paid to get out of office. They have everybody in their pocket and make no qualms about it. The owner, Fred Hanna, even tells the employees who to vote for on elections. They were caught in a scam by the local tv stations where they submitting false documents to the court. Because the judges and Bar Assoc. are in their pocket, nothing happens to them. They have also had at least two class action lawsuits brought against them by their own employee for non-payment of overtime and wages. In the first suit, they had to pay over $267,000 in back pay. The ongoing one is estimated at about 1 million dollars. If anybody has complaints about these guys, file them directly with the FTC and sue their pants! Also, make sure and sue the creditor (whoever that is). The BBB has them at a rating of D- with close to 200 complaints.

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