Fraud check ex cashed at FCU

(Va beach. Va)

Had a car loan in my name only. Was out of work due to bone break for couple months so needed to lower car payment. My federal credit union redid as a student loan. Also adding my at the time husbands loan to such said student loan. Seeing I was already paying his personal loan (less than 1000) monthly payment.

We were legally separated and I find out from FCU that he came in with a fraudulent 1000 dollar check some scam sent him. They cashed it the next day for him. He has his own account there no money in it. The bank tried for ten months for him to make contact with them.

So now I get a call and she tells me they're adding the 1000 plus interest to my student loan seeing he signed it.
Can they legally do this?

Shouldn't they be taken my ex husband to court for warrant in debt? Also if he had no monies in his account shouldn't the teller waited more than one day to see if that bogus check was good?

livid. In Virginia beach, VA

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That doesn't sound right to us, but we're not attorneys so we can't say for certain. We recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney asap. If they attorney can't help you, try filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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