Fraud account not resolved

by Ian

Between P scott Lowry & square 2 financial \, I am being given the run around & both parties above have not returned critical information to Bank Of America concerning my account which was the subject of Fraud & identity theft. Both parties above have received Police reports together with a signed Avidavit from the police detective who investigated the case.

Perpetrators of the offense have been found to have fled the country & both p. scott lowry & square 2 financial have done nothing to report correctly with due diligence & expedience back to BOA so that this case can be closed. This has led to incorrect reporting to the credit agencies which has in turn damaged my credit report.

This BOA account was never my responsibility & was opened using my stolen personal details . This has now been over a year since the fraud was committed & still although all the evidence has been submitted to countless departments, & to date this matter still is not resolved.

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Mar 15, 2015
'P Scott Lowery' and Square2 are one and the same.
by: Anonymous

I know this is well, a few years after the previous comments but I saw more recent comments about this entity and hope others are still reading all comments and learning how to protect themselves from this horrific entity.

'P. Scott Lowery and Square 2 Financial are one and the same, as is P. Scott Lowery and the literally dozens of 'businesses' he's spawned in his 'career'. Go to your Secretary of State website and look up the names associated with Square2 Financial such as Cache, Cache Holding company, etc. You'll be dumbfounded at the number of times this 'company' has changed it's name and spun off other 'companies' -it spreads like the bubonic plague.

I've (literally) been stalked by this entity for years. P. Scott Lowery's pseudonyms and 'companies' are spread out over the U.S. with stables of 'attorneys' of his same low calibre in all of those states to ensure that everyone (in the junk debt portfolios he buys for pennies on the dollar) is equally and thoroughly harassed.

Just put Cache LLC into your search engine and you'll be reading horror stories for days. You'll also learn the number of people who've decided to fight for their right to not be shaken down by a schister with whom they have nor ever had a 'contract' and who literally robs people of money they weren't promised, they didn't earn, and are not entitled to. If you did owe a previous creditor for say, $200, this entity bought it for .20, and will stalk and menace you at all cost for the full amount plus hundreds or thousands of dollars in illegal fees.

This under belly of society's financial activities must be put out of business. The courts aren't going to do it. Neither are the AG's, FTC or our representatives -they don't care.

Regardless of what you do about your situation in the end, take the time to educate yourself about 'P. Scott Lowery', Cache and its countless existing and 'new' companies as well as the-thousands- of predators that are the junk debt buying scourge that casually, methodically and illegally ruin the lives of good people, clog the courts with merit-less lawsuits and use our justice system as a tool tto extort money.

The 'P Scott Lowery', Cache, Square 2, yada-yada cesspool buys junk debt for the sole purpose of suing people. North Carolina has actually passed a law that will prevent 'companies' like 'P. Scott Lowery's "Square2" from stepping into a court room for this specific reason! They no longer allow junk debt junkies like 'Square2' to step foot in a court room. They "get it". They will no longer allow these junkies who exist to buy junk debt and file lawsuits to insult the integrity of their courts. Good for you North Carolina! Other states need to wake up and follow suit.

Given what I've experienced and what I know about this entity, by awarding it an"A+" the BBB has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. The BBB only exists because most of the 'companies' they rate are members of the BBB. Conflict of interest much?!

We must educate ourselves and stand up to self-styled facist nazis like 'Square2" who abide only by their own despicable set of laws and utilize our courts to systematically commit mass extortion. No one is going to do it for us. They are destroying millions of lives and our social structure and making a mockery of our judicial system. They are literally a waste of space. They exemplify the lowest common denominator humanly possible.

Apr 18, 2011
Your identity theft matter


It's time for you take action against the collection agency. It sounds like you have done everything you can to document the fraud, and at this point they may be breaking the law by continuing to try to collect the debt, as well as by damaging your credit. (There are at least two federal laws that could be involved here, and possibly state laws as well.)

We are not attorneys, We would strongly recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases. Find out how to get a FREE consultation with a consumer law attorney here.

We hope you can put this behind you.

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