Four year old medical bill still hasn't gone to collections-- now what?

I have a chronic illness and have always had insurance, they just haven't always chosen to pay for my care. So I had a procedure done that they ultimately didn't pay for-- $6000. Of course I was in grad school and unemployed at the time too. It was done at my doctor's office. I hadn't been back until this year, the procedure was in 2006. I live in Arkansas and I'm aware that if the doctor's office had sent it to collections, my statute of limitations would already be up. But does this apply if they are hanging onto it? What if they send it in tomorrow?

Is SOL strictly from date of service in Arkansas or from last date of contact and/or payment? What I'm worried about now is since I went back and paid my copay for the current day, did the girl apply it to that day or a previous balance. Help! Frankly, I refuse to pay on something that old, when I had insurance. That is one reason why the law is in place. So payment plan is not an option.

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Dec 07, 2010
SOL on medical bills
by: Gerri

We're really sorry to hear about the problems you have had with the medical bills you've been unable to pay. Medical bill collections are a huge problem for so many Americans.

Unfortunately, we don't have the detailed information you need to tell you whether the SOL has expired on these debts. We encourage you to talk with an attorney to get an answer. One suggestion would be to get a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney who should be able to answer this question, and also help you decide how to deal with these medical bills if they are still valid. We also recommend you let your elected officials in Washington know about the problems you've had getting affordable health care.

Finally, we recommend you visit our medical debt collection page for more information on handling medical bills you can't afford.

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