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This group of lawyers hires the most unprofessional people to handle there debt collections, the above mentioned group is a collection agency that is employed by Capital One. I received a letter today for the first time ever.

When I called to find out what this was about the first person i spoke to was so rude and would not offer any information on what was going on. Yet today I had a letter saying my wages would be garnished and that i owed over one thousand dollars. I dispute this and when i asked why this was the first letter i got. i was given a smart answer about how they are not the post office and when I asked for copies of all the other letters that were sent to four different addresses none of which I live. I was again met with rebuffing.

When they stated we don't have to provide you with these, and i told them I beg to differ and that since my name is on these forms and some of my social that I was entitled to these papers. when they were being called on their on practices. both reps I spoke to began to tell me to calm down and and completely side stepped my requests. and continued to ignore what i asked.

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If you were not properly served with notice that you were being sued for this debt, you may have a case against the debt collector and you may be able to get the judgment vacated. This is not something that is easy to do on your own, so we recommend you consult with a
consumer law attorney.

At a minimum, be sure to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission ( and your state attorney general's office. Federal agencies may take action against a firm if they discover a pattern of abuse.

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