by Ed

BB&T has started forclosure proceedings on a lot I have with them. I'm on a pension. They turned it over to a debt collector instead of working with me ie in deed of lieu,etc.. I cannot meet the collectors demands and now they are going to sue me. what can i do?

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Jan 14, 2011
Foreclosure Has Begun
by: Mary

Thanks for sharing your collection story with us.

I recommend that you get in touch with a consumer bankruptcy attorney immediately to find out what your options are. The attorney may advise you to file for bankruptcy, which will stop the foreclosure and give you and your attorney time to figure out what do about the debt you owe on the lot. It's possible that your attorney may be able to convince the creditor who holds the lien on your lot to accept the option you had proposed before the foreclosure began. Click here for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Best of luck resolving your problem.

Aug 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

Be Ware!!!! If you file chapter 7, you will lose the house. Chapter 7 ,says you cant have ant assets when filing for chapter 7, maybe hapter 13 can help you.. Best of Luck.........

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