Foreclosure on a condo that is in probate court

by Bobbie Jo Vaughn
(Brunswick, Georgia USA)

Can the bank foreclose on my deceased mother condo when I have not received Letters of Testamentary from the probate court in Glynn County, Georgia yet.

I was paying said debt with her SSI. She has rental property that has shown a loss with the IRS for many years now. The SSI has stopped now that she is deceased and all rental payments have been going back in for repairs, as they are in very bad shape.

My brother , who is entitled to half, according to my mother's will is living in the condo and insists that I pay the Equity Line Note until such time as probate court settles this matter.

There were no insurance policies, CD's,stocks, bonds, cash. No money of any kind left by her. Just assests. 9 rental properties, only three are occupied, and 3 of the rental properties are listed as collateral on the Equity Line Note along with the condo.

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Aug 13, 2015
disenhirited wife
by: Anonymous

My husband inherited a loyalty , and he is the beneficiary and sign an irrevocable assignment of transfer to a family corporation and appointed his daughter as the managing member and appointed her as his personal representative. If my husband die do I have the rights of that corporation he created despite that my name wasn't included ? do I have rights to it? and I am not included to his will to inherit any of his estate even I am his wife what would be my share if that is the case?

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We're sorry we can't help but this is a question for an attorney who can look at all the facts and circumstances of the situation.

Apr 29, 2013
Foreclosure on a condo that is in probate court

Your situation is complicated and I am not an attorney nor am I familiar with GA laws. Therefore, I recommend that you schedule a meeting with a probate law attorney in your area. He or she can answer your questions and advise you about what you should and should not do. An hour of an attorney's time will not cost you a bundle.

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