Foreclosure Debt In Another State

by Bruce
(Virginia )

At time we lived in sc and loss of a job and filed for foreclousre. We recently moved in with a relative in another state. Since sc can't garnish your wages for this can the state we are now living in garnish our wages.

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Oct 31, 2015
Foreign judgment

It's hard to say because you didn't mention where you live now. But in order to enforce the judgment in your current state, they will likely have to file a foreign judgment in your state, and you should be notified when that happens. Keep a close eye on your credit reports. And if you can't afford to pay the judgment in a reasonable period of time, don't ignore it or hope it will go away. Talk with a bankruptcy attorney to see whether you can wipe out the judgment if you file and if it makes sense to do that. Read: How to get debt collection legal help for FREE or at little cost.

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