Firing Collectors

by Kirk
(Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US)

Do I as a consumer, have the right to get rid of a debt collector and deal only with the original creditor?

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Jul 22, 2010
Can I deal with the original creditor?
by: Mary

Thanks for submitting your debt collection question on our Q&A page.

The answer to your question is "It depends". If the debt collector has purchased the debt he is trying to collect from you then you must deal with the collector, like it or not, because the collector now owns the debt. If your original creditor has hired the collector to try to collect what you owe, then you can contact the creditor to find out if you can deal with it directly. However, if the creditor refuses to talk with you, then you'll have to work with the debt collector it has hired.

Please share what happens with your situation in the comments section for this question. We are very interested in hearing how this turns out for you, and your experience can help others who are struggling with debt collectors.

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