Filing with the court and Admissions Request for productions

by Erin
(Los Angeles, CA USA)

Regarding the state of CA (Los Angeles), do I have to file my response to the debt collectors Interrogatories with the court? (I have an active case with a trail date set). I sent it to them return receipt, but haven't filed it with the court.

Also, can I request in my discovery with PCC, both "Admissions" and "Request for Productions" in the same letter to them (in the same pleading)?


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We are not attorneys, but we checked with Robert Brennan, a California consumer law attorney and coauthor of the California edition of our book, Debt Collection Answers. He replied as follows:

1. She does not have to file her interrogs with the court.

2. Our firm’s practice would be to split the Requests for Admissions and Requests for Production into separate documents.

We hope this helps! If you decide you want help from a consumer law attorney, be sure to check out his website. Good luck with your case.

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Oct 06, 2011
no more bills
by: Laura

I owe $60 to a collection company from a medical bill that was supposed to be paid for already. I paid $30 on it. They said to go to a bank of america and pay it and get a receipt. My husband then spoke to someone that worked at the collection agency and asked them to send a bill for the rest with the $30 payment showing. Well they never sent us a bill but still continue to call all the time. What can or should I do? This is in Washington. Thank you

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Hopefully your husband has some kind of proof that he paid that amount? A statement from the bank or something similar? We'd recommend you send a certified letter explaining the situation and telling them to correct their records. If they don't do so, then file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (, your state attorney general's office and the Better Business Bureau - and send copies to the collection agency. Hopefully they will remedy the mistake. If not, you can always talk to a consumer law attorney.

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