Filed a dispute, but they still sent to collections 4 days later??

by Jarrett
(Olivet, MI)

I recently cancelled my Sprint service as it was getting too costly and i never had service where i lived.. there was a total of 4 early termination fees totaling over 800, with a total bill of 1500. I filed a dispute with them on the basis of the canges in their contract resulting in a hike in certain fees. I stated that it made my bill too costly so i have the legal right to end my contract without the e.t. fees.

I told them that i only wanted to be contacted by email. they replied with a statement that read: " we would like to discuss this matter with you but are unable to be in contact as we have tried numerous times." they then sent it to collections 4 days later. Now, when i file a dispute arent they suppose to resolve the matter in 30 days, and in that time frame are they allowed to still send it to collections before it is even settleed?? i emailed them back saying that i used my right to dispute and gave you clear contact information so that everything would always be in writing. you failed to comply and sent the bill to collections before trying to resolve the issue.

Is there anything i can do?? didnt they violate some kind of law by sending it to collections while in an active dispute??

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The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act only applies to third party debt collectors and it only covers what happens AFTER a bill is sent to collections. It doesn't stop a company from turning a debt over to collections.

However, there may be other state or federal laws that apply here.

If you've tried everything you can to resolve this directly with them, you may want to talk with a consumer law attorney to find out if there is anything else you can do to prevent seven years of damage to your credit reports and scores because of this bill.

Find out how to get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney here.

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