Ex-Wife Created Debt During Couple's Separation

by Carol
(round rock, tx)

My son's now exwife created a debt in his name without his knowledge during their separation. They have been separated since 2005 and living in different cities for the past 4 years, divorced as of 2011. In preparing to purchase a home, he has learned that there is a judgement against him from last year that he had no knowledge of. Is there any way that he would not be held responsible for that debt?

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Aug 30, 2011
Ex-Wife Created Debt During Couple's Separation
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com.com

I recommend that your son talk with his divorce attorney about the debt his now ex incurred and the judgment against him. There are a couple issues at play related to your son's problem. First, whether he and his now ex had a legally-binding separation agreement in place while they were living apart that addressed the issue of any debts that they might each incur during their separation. Second, if they were Texas residents during their marriage, then in most instances both of them are responsible for the debts of the other during their separation, even if they didn't co-sign for the debts because Texas is a community property state.

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