Ex-husband passed away. He was still on mrorrgage

by Ex wife widow
(New york)

My ex husband passed away last week. We have been dIvorced for over 7 years but I never refinanced the secured loan we had together. The loan was for a double wide that we put on a piece of property that I owned alone. He had terminal brain cancer and racked up a substantial medical debt. We live in NY, can the medical debt be attached to the title of the lien release? Can they attach a lien to the house that would require me, the ex wife, to satisfy at the time of sale. If so, does the lien eventually fall off? I don't have any plans on selling the mobile home that I currently rent out, but would like to know do future. Again, it is only the house as a secured loan, not a true mortgage. Thank you

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Jul 07, 2015
bank lien
by: Millie

my husband and bought a house in 2001 we took a lien on that property we had 2 houses we divorced in 2009. he kept house that had the lien and all debts. i got the smaller house with no liens or debts. He passed away in November 2014. He refinanced the house in his name only as stated in the equitable distribution document when we got divorced. He named our son as executor and beneficiary of the house. Today we get a letter from the lien holders telling us that the lien must be paid or they will proceed with foreclosing. the house is up for sale 240000, he owes the mortgage company 158000, the lien is 7000. Can we negotiate that loan so that the house can be sold with a clean title because my ex husband did not have the amount they are asking to pay the lien off. The mortgage will not be able to be paid monthly until it is sold. What are the options we have in order to satisfy the lien and keep the house?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Can you get a loan to pay it off? If the lien is only $7000 a personal loan may be an option (rather than a mortgage). If not, you may want to contact a real estate or estate planning attorney for advice.

Oct 03, 2012
Ex-husband passed away. He was still on mrorrgage
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com

So sorry for your loss.

The issue is whether or not your ex was on the title to the double wide at the time of his death. If he was, then it's possible that the debt collectors could go after his share of the house to collect his unpaid medical debts. I recommend that you schedule a FREE consultation with a consumer law attorney right away to clarify your situation.

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