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I have a medical debt that was sent to a lawyers office in Colorado for collection 2 weeks ago, my surgery was in Jan 2001. The original debt was 137.00 and a check was sent to the surgeons assistant but never cashed so I in turn was sent to collections because I had not noticed its not clearing my bank.

The first and only collection letter from the lawyers office is now stating I owe 350.00 in fees and 18.00 in interest, I have received one letter from a legal assistant at this point. I don't have a problem paying interest, but do I have to pay these excessive fees??

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

It does sound excessive, though it may be legal. (We don't know how much they can add in fees in this situation.) But really, given the circumstances here - you paid the debt but they didn't process it properly - we'd recommend you raise heck with the doctor's office. They can pull it back from the attorney and they should.

If this were our debt, we would be sending a complaint with the doctor's office by certified mail, and copying the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, state medical board, and anyone we could think of. We'd probably also talk with a consumer law attorney to see whether there is a case here for credit damage. (You've checked to see if it's on your credit reports as a collection account, right?)

Our position would be that the medical office was sloppy and not only resulted in additional costs to you, but hurt your credit reports and scores for years to come.

This is not legal advice, but it's how we personally would approach this. There really is no excuse for them to do this to you.

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