Ex wife wants to pay an old debt

by Patrick
(San Antonio Texas)

My ex wife and I have an eviction on our credit reports. This eviction is going to drop off of our reports in the next 2 years. I had talked with a credit counselor who advised me to let it drop off, and work on getting secured loans to re-build my credit.

I have successfully reached a point of finally getting an unsecured credit card.
My ex called today and said she is trying to get a new place to live, but can't due to the eviction. She said she was going to pay on the debt from the eviction, and asked for my help.
Going by the success I've had listening to my credit counselor, I do not want to pay it, as it will only extend the amount of time it sits on my credit.

Should I call the collector and offer a settlement in return for having it removed from my report?

If she pays on it, will it reflect on my report or just hers?

Any tips on how to not let this affect the credit I have gained?

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Aug 16, 2010
Eviction and your credit report
by: Gerri

I would be interested in knowing exactly how this eviction is reported. Is it listed as a collection account? Is the date correct?

Paying a negative item should NOT extend the time period for reporting it on your credit reports, but it could affect the statute of limitations (the time the creditor or collector has to sue you to collect). In addition, paying off a negative item like an eviction or collection account will not normally boost your credit scores, though it is possible that your ex is being told that account must be paid before she can rent an apartment. (Just be sure she doesn't think that paying it will remove it from her credit reports. It won't.)

If you decide it's in your best interest to pay it, and you can't afford the full amount, then settling it could be a good alternative. Just remember to get everything in writing before you pay. If the landlord or collection agency will remove it if you pay it, that would be ideal, but you must get that in writing as that's not typically an easy arrangement to make.

Finally, if the account is reported in both your names, then any updates should appear on both your credit reports. You may want to read our page about fixing credit report problems for more information on dealing with bad credit due to the eviction.

Good luck, and do let us know how this turns out for both of you.

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