Ex Husbands credit card

by Joe
(Olympia, Wa)

My wife and her ex husband had a credit card together at target. They were divorced in 2004 in Pierce county Washington State. He agreed to take over the card and called target and asked them to remove her from the card. They apparently just took her off the statement and stopped sending cards with her name on them. In July of last year he went bankrupt and now target is trying to collect from my wife. My wife and her ex have both tried to call target to resolve the issue and target refuses to work with us at all. Do they have any right to collect from my wife and if not what steps should we take?

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Mar 10, 2012
Ex Husbands credit card
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com

If your wife and her ex lived in WA state at the time that the Target debt was incurred, then she is as legally responsible for paying the debt as her ex is regardless of what their divorce agreement may have spelled out. That is because WA is a community property state and so spouses are legally responsible for one another's debts.

As for the issue of what happened to the credit card debt when your wife's ex filed for bankruptcy, it may or may not have gotten discharged and if it did not, Target and any debt collection agency it may hire would be legally entitled to collect that debt from your wife.

My best advice to you given that bankruptcy in an extremely complicated process and becomes even more so when paired with a divorce is for your wife to talk with a consumer bankruptcy attorney about her situation so that she is 100% clear about her rights and responsibilities regarding the Target debt.

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