ex husband overdrawn over 800.00 in las vegas 2007

by Elena
(Mesa , AZ, USA)

He has been overdrawn over 800.00 since 2007 in las vegas. We have been not together since. I have have his current employment if that would help. He is filing bankruptcy in awhile. Unfortunately, it will only be the things he has done, not when we were together. Sounds like revenge, but its not. He has ruined my credit due to his actions. Would the bank even care since it was from 2007? Overdrawn on purpose.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:


If we understand your question correctly, your husband overdrew your joint checking account and there is a balance left of $800. It sounds like he is filing for bankruptcy and you will be stuck with this debt. According to our sources, the statute of limitations is six years for most consumer debts in Nevada. Please don't take that as legal advice.

Our experience is that debts like these typically don't disappear. You may not hear from a collection agency for a while, but if you do, make sure you understand your rights. At a minimum, please read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you have an overview of your rights when dealing with collectors.

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