ex gave personal info out

by John

Ex wife was sent to collections for my son's doctor bill. She didn't provide them with my insurance information and when they continued to request she ignored the requests. As a result it being sent to collections, she sent me a n email stating it went to collections and it was my fault, i managed to find the doctors office provided the information they needed.

But she gave the collections agency my ssn and name, now they took the bill out of her name and put the collections in mine. can the collections agency legally do that? my name was not on the original bill from the doctor.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com

John, given the circumstances, we would recommend you try as hard as you can to get the doctor's office to take the debt back from collections so you can resolve it. If they placed it for collections, they can pull it back.

If they won't due that, tell them you're going to be talking with an attorney about a credit damage lawsuit. Chances are they just want to get paid and don't want to get in the middle of this with your ex.

Let us know what happens OK?

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