Enforcement after Judgment

by Jamie
(Brookly, NY)

What information and documents must I as the debtor answer and provide when I am questioned by a lawyer for the creditor?

What information and documents must my employer, family member or neighbor answer and provide when questioned by a lawyer for my creditor?

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Nov 17, 2009
Collection on a judgment
by: Gerri

If a creditor or collector has obtained a court judgment against you, the next step is for them to try to collect that judgment. To do that, you will be asked questions about your finances. This is often referred to as the "debtor's examination." Sometimes this is done by mail, while other times the debtor must appear in court.

While we do not recommend consumers provide debt collectors with detailed information about their finances when they are negotiating with a debt collector, it is a different story if you are being asked to provide this information in connection with the collection of a court judgment. You have no choice - you must answer these questions truthfully and completely.

If you are concerned about what the debt collector can go after (bank accounts, property, wages etc.) I would strongly urge you to at least consult with a bankruptcy attorney. The consultation will be free and confidential, and the attorney can help you understand what options you have. If you do not get legal advice, I will warn you that the creditor or collector may be able to garnish your wages, get money from your bank account or place a lien on your property - depending on the laws in New York. (We are not attorneys and cannot offer specific legal advice.)

Please let us know what happens.

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