Don't owe the debt

by Dean
(New York)

I found out in 2011 via my credit reports that a $4400 debt from a collection agency for an apartment complex in Florida had been placed on my credit report. My rent was paid in full when I turned in my keys in May 2008. I wasn't told that I owed a debt at the time of my move out, nor have I ever been contacted by the management company nor the collection agency in reference to this debt. I have been writing, calling and leaving voicemails to both to no avail. I have disputed this debt, but it continues to come remain on my reports. Help!!!

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May 23, 2013
Don't owe the debt

So sorry about your problem, Dean. You are in a tough spot.

Have you contacted the apartment complex management company directly to inquire about what it claims you owed when you moved out and why it did not inform you about the debt, if in fact you owed it any money? That is what I recommend you do first.

If you do what I am suggesting and the company finds that you did not in fact owe it anything when you moved out, ask the company to remove the collection account information from your credit histories. Note in your records, the date and time that you called the company, who you spoke to and and what you were told. Also, follow up with a written request. Make a copy of the letter for your files and send the original letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested.

Check your credit histories in a month or so to confirm that the company did what it said it would. If nothing has happened get in touch with the company again and remind it of what it said it would do. If it still does not make good on it's promise, get in touch with a consumer law attorney in FL who helps people resolve their debt collection problems (Your first meeting should be free) or call 855-206-5310 (toll-free) for a FREE consultation.

You should also get legal help if you can't reach anyone at the apartment management company about your problem or if you try to resolve your problem directly with the debt collection company and it's unresponsive. You may have grounds for a lawsuit.

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