does the IRS have to follow debt collection laws

by Danielle

What type of law does the IRS state level work under? Am I still protected by FDCPA rules? If not want protection do I have when I want to dispute the amount owed?

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We are not sure exactly what you mean by "IRS state level." The Internal Revenue Service collects federal taxes, not state taxes. Are you referring to your state's taxing authority? If so, then you'll need to find out what the procedures are for disputing a state tax debt. Unfortunately we don't have that information.

If you owe federal taxes, though, and you are contacted by an outside collection agency (not the IRS itself), then the collector must follow the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when trying to collect from you.

If you don't believe you owe the amount of taxes you are being told you owe, then we would definitely recommend you get professional tax help. If the amount is large, it makes sense to talk with a tax attorney because your conversations with them will be protected by attorney client privilege.

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