doc who? invisible doctor billing me

by Trixie
(Hollywood Fl)

I got a bill from a doctor who they (the billing company) wouldn't tell me who it was or what it was that he did.

They also wouldn't give me a discount for paying out of pocket (i had no insurance) so when it went to collections i still had no idea who he was or what he did. (i had already paid off the hospital, pediatrician, ob, anesthesiologist , even the extra ob doc to be in the room during my c-section)the collection agency told me the name of the doc but through the hospital website i couldn't find him listed as a doctor. should i have to pay this "invisible" doctor?

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That's crazy! We aren't sure what to tell you here. We'd recommend you check with we recommend you visit The Access Project where they will answer your question for free.

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