Do I owe this medical debt?


My ex-girl friend and I have a six yr old daughter. We separated four years ago. I moved to NV for work. We have never went to court, there are no court orders for custody, or support. I sent her $350 per month, plus extra when neede, I have our daughter on my health ins. and her mother is supposed to pay the copays etc. She moved to another state leaving a huge medical bill in MT in 2008. It was turned over to collections, the MT agency didn't have my ex's information so went after me "how they got mine?"

I have never seen a bill, and have never signed anything. The MT agency turned the bill over to a NV collection agency and now they are taking me to court. They told me that I am 100% responsible for the bill, that they couldn't go after my ex because the state she lives in is a (I believe they said) closed state, therefore they can't collect from her.

So since there are no court orders, and we agreed that I would pay for health ins and she would pay the copays, deductibles etc. am I 100% responsible for this medical bill?

Your response would be greatly appreciated!
Sincerely, Confused in NV

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Jan 07, 2011
medical bills for daughter
by: Gerri

Some states have what are called "necessaries statutes" that hold both parents responsible for necessary medical debts incurred by their minor children. I can't tell you for sure who is liable for these bills, however. You'll have to consult an attorney to clarify it for you.

If it turns out you are responsible, I would recommend you read our information about medical debt collection and explore your options for dealing with this debt.

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