Do I have to tell them my employer to set up a payment plan?

by Erin

I want to pay the debt. But obviously can't pay it in one payment. The debt collector is willing to set up a payment plan, but they say they need to know my employer, that it is a requirement for the payment plan and that my hesitance to tell them is a sign that I will not continue my payments. Do I have to tell them?

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Jun 10, 2010
disclosure for payment plan
by: Gerri & Mary

The short answer is no, you are not obligated to tell the debt collector information about your employer in order to set up a payment plan.

There's no provision in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that prevents them from asking you for this information, or protection you from having to provide it.

And like you, we would be leery about providing that information. Technically, they are not supposed to tell your employer or coworkers about your debt, but we wouldn't want to take a chance that they would use that information either to try to verify your salary, or to try to contact you at work about the debt.

You may just want to reiterate that you are willing to make payments but you don't want to provide them with your employment information. you can even follow this up in writing with a certified letter so that if they persisted and took it to court, you would be able to show that you tried to work with them.

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