Do debts create problems to re-enter USA ?


Hi:I had two very old debts to pay (1)phone bill (approximately $1500) and my apartment rent (approximately $2500) that i did not paid in 2001 in Virginia because of my immigration problem as i did not get extension of my H1 Visa and i left US and came back to my country. recently last year in October 2009 i again wanted to go to USA and tried for a visitor Visa but embassy denied me and gave me a letter stating denial under section 223(g)and gave me one year from the date to take action otherwise my application will be cancelled.

my question is section 223(g) is it related to my debts ? And if is it related to debts i really would like to pay them off. Please guide me. What i can do if i m not in USA and how much my amount will be in 9 years ? Do they settle the debts in less amount?

How can i figure out what is my total amount that i have to pay? i be so grateful for your priceless help at this time please advise briefly.


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Jul 03, 2010
debts and reentering the US
by: Mary & Gerri

We talked with an immigration attorney who told us your debts should not create a problem with re-entry into the US. However, we can't guarantee that is not the reason your visa application was denied.

In nine years the amount of these debts may have grown, but they will likely be too old (outside the statute of limitations). In addition, there's likely a good chance the debt collectors will have given up on your debts by then since you will have been out of the country for so long.

Debt collectors do negotiate all the time, however, we don't know how to advise you to settle these since you are outside the US. If you can find out how to contact the collectors, you could try to negotiate with them (maybe via Skype?) but please be sure to get any agreement in writing before you pay them anything. The agreement should state that your debt is considered payment in full.

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