Do Debt Collectors Need to be Bonded?

by donna
(berwick, maine-USA )

I reside in a condo association. Our attorney has presented evidence of embezzling. lawyer illegally hired by board W/o owners voting for his hire is submitting letters threatening & harassing owners who do not owe the monies as they are legally entitled to be reimbursed for embezzled funds and which liability policy states is due owners and which our lawsuit is about. At small claims court we refused to pay dues knowing monies will be embezzled and board members are writing checks to themselves owners being told lien will be placed on their homes, will have to pay all court costs and atty fees.with reporting to credit bureau.owner names have been published in meeting minutes. owners told cost is $500 to take each person to small claims when it is only $50.00 We had to get rid of our atty. as he violated his ethical & legal obligations to us as stated in lawyer's responsibilities to clients. do those collecting these monies have to be bonded and for how much. we live in maine. ? have to pay bond each year as neither atty. or mgmt co. is bonded for debt collection.

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Feb 28, 2010
condo association debt collection
by: Gerri


Unfortunately your situation has progressed beyond the point where I can just provide basic advice over the Internet. You really need to find an ethical attorney with the expertise you need to clear up this situation.

As to your question about bonding, debt collectors are required to be licensed and bonded in Maine. You can read the Maine Debt Collection Law here:

Make sure you read the definitions in addition to the section on licensing. I am not sure whether this type of debt is covered because I am not sure whether it is considered a personal or business debt. Your story is a bit confusing and complicated, so again, I think you need to find a competent attorney.

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