Do Debt Collectors Have Right to Not Send Statements?

by Diana
(Las Vegas, NV)

Do debt collectors have the right not to send a monthly statement? I have been paying a debt off for quite a while I have paid them $1500.00 so far and never received a statement from them they said they do not have to send me one by law, is that true? I live in Nevada.

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Unfortunately, we aren't aware of any requirement that collection agencies send periodic statements to consumers who are paying off collection accounts in installments. We have heard quite a few complaints from consumers like yourself who have been making payments and don’t understand their current balance or don’t know whether their payments are being properly credited to the amount they owe.

The best suggestion we can offer you Is to keep very careful records of all your payments. If you think the debt collector is not charging you correctly, you will need to talk with a consumer law attorney.

We also recommend you file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at They will be regulating the collection agencies and the need to hear from consumers like you.

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