Dispute over medical bill

by connie
(baltimore, MD. 21239)

Can a doctor continue to report that they have not been paid and in fact they have been paid in full through the court system? They have put this on my credit report. How is it that the CRA is letting them get away with this. What should i do?

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Apr 05, 2010
How to dispute credit report mistake
by: Gerri


If the information listed on your credit report is wrong, you have every right under the federal fair credit reporting act to dispute it. I would suggest you first to read our page on how to dispute credit report mistakes. you can first dispute the item with the credit reporting agencies, and if that doesn't resolve it, dispute with the company reporting the mistake. (It's not clear to me from your question whether or a collection agency or the doctor's office itself as reporting the item. Whichever company is reporting it, that's the one you want to file your dispute with.)

Please do let us know how this turns out by sharing your results using the comment link below.

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