Default Judgement - What Can They Do?

by Marvin
(Dallas, Tx., Dallas)

I received a default judgment from a credit card company in California Court while I lived in Texas. How does that affect me? Also,can they go after my bank account here in Texas?

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Mar 18, 2011


We can only speak generally, as we can't give you legal advice, but you do need to take this seriously. In most cases, a judgment creditor has a very long time to collect, and remedies available to them that are not typically available pre-judgment.

Even though Texas has pretty strong consumer laws (generally unlimited homestead protection and no wage garnishment, for example)there are still ways they can try to collect and you need to know what may be at risk.

Our best advice is for you to consult a consumer law attorney who can explain the specifics to you. Often bankruptcy attorneys can provide this service, as they can tell you what you have that is "exempt" or safe from creditors, and what might be fair game.

You may want to consider getting a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to learn about your options for dealing with this judgment.

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