Deceased spouse credit card debt

by Dave
(Spring, Tx USA)

I live in Texas and my wife died this past December. I have been getting calls about a credit card she had. I was not aware of this credit card and my name is not on it. They keep harassing me and saying I am responsible for it. Am I repsonsible for this credit card?

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Oct 12, 2012
Deceased spouse credit card debt
by: Anonymous


Texas is a community property state, which means that both spouses have an equal one-half share in all assets purchased and all income earned during their marriage and that both spouses are equally liable for one another's debts, regardless of the fact that one spouse only may have incurred the debt. So, yes unfortunately, you may be legally obligated to pay your wife's credit card debt even if you had no knowledge of the credit account, and not paying it can damage your credit history.

If you cannot pay the amount due in full or over time, you may be able to negotiate a more affordable payment plan with the card issuer or even settle the debt in full for less than is owed on it. If the credit card company agrees to either option do not pay any money to the company until you have the terms of your agreement in writing.

If you want to learn more about debt settlement and how to do it, I recommend you read this settling collection accounts. The information applies to collection accounts as well as to any account you cannot afford to pay that may not yet be in collection.

Please understand we are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice.

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