Deceased mother's debt

by Roseanne
(New York)

My mother (from Pennsylvania) recently died. We have learned that she was approximately$ 30,000 in debt with credit cards. We sent letters and copies of the death certificate to each company informing them of her death. My father has now moved in with me in New York -

She left a life insurance policy to me (6,000) which I used to bury her. As well as a $3,000 401K and a $10,000 annuity both of which my sister was named beneficiary.

Does she have any obligations to these debt collectors?

They had a 10 year old car that my dad has transfered to me. My dad only has social security. he was not on any of the credit cards.

I now have debt collectors contacting me leaving a message for the person in charge of my mother's estate to contact them.

Am I responsible for anything? I have extremely good credit and I am concerned that this can adversely effect me and my husband's credit-

Is my dad responsible considering he only has social security and wasn't on any of the credit cards?
Should I ignore the phone calls or respond?

Thank You,

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Sep 08, 2010
your late mother's debt
by: Gerri & Mary


Our sincere condolences for your family's loss.

Generally, a child cannot be held liable for their parent's debts, unless they were cosigners on those accounts. If there is an estate, of course, her creditors can try to collect from the estate.

You can read more about handling a deceased person's debt here.

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