Deceased Mother

by Daughter
(Pennsylvania USA)

My mother has recently passed. I am now my father's POA and tryin to sift threw their bills. My mom has hospital bills and a credit card. The funny thing about this credit card is, when I sent the a copy of the POA my father gets a letter stating it can't be processed at this time. They need his name, DOB, SS#, address-if different then the one on file, etc. At this point, I am thinking that the card was taken out by my mom and not my father. Other places are asking for a notorized paper stating there is no estate, which there isn't any. How do I go about this as well?

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Jun 13, 2012
Deceased Mother

So sorry about the loss of your Mother.

I am not sure what is going on, but why not call the credit card company and ask? Is the card in your mother's name or your father's name? When bills arrive related to that card, to whom are they sent? If you call customer service for the card in question and explain that you have POA for your father, the representative should be able to tell you if the account is his or not. If the representative is unable to give you this information over the phone, then write the credit card company a letter and ask for it. Usually however, the person on the bills for a particular credit card is the person who opened the account and who is legally responsible for paying on it.

If you find out that the credit card is in your Mother's name, be sure to cancel it.

As for your need to get a notarized document stating that there is no estate. I recommend that you contact the probate court in the area where your Mother died to find out if it has such a document that you can sign and get notarized. If not, contact a probate attorney and ask the attorney to prepare one for you. The document will need to contain specific language I expect to be acceptable to your Mother's creditors, so it's best to have an attorney prepare it. Getting it prepared should not be costly.

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