Debts after divorce

by Ana
(Walla walla,wa USA)

Im living in washington state im getting divorce with my husband i just a got a bill from collections on my name from a hospital. I went to the hospital to see nd is not on my account is under my soon to be ex husbands name he hasnt paid nothing but yet i got the bill on my name. I called the collection company nd they said they dont deal with divorce issues they just want the bill payed nd if he dont respond then i have to pay for it when im only working not even enough hrs. My question is what happens if i dont pay it cuz im not the one who went to the hospital??? Nd im not going to pay for it no matter what!!

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Dec 22, 2011
Debts after divorce
by: Debtcollectionanswers


I can tell by the tone of your question that you are very upset with your husband. However, do not let your anger get in the way of your making wise decisions that are in your best interest.

For example, it's important for you to know that you live in a community property state. This means that you and your spouse are EQUALLY responsible for any debts that either of you incur during your marriage. It does not matter if only one of you signed for the debt -- if your husband does not pay it, then the creditor is legally entitled to look for you for payment and visa versa. Therefore, if your husband has not paid his hospital bill, the hospital can try to collect the money it is owed from you. And, if you do not pay it, the hospital is entitled to sue you and your husband for the money.

Now once you are officially divorced, any debts either of you incur going forward are your individual debts, but the two of you will still be liable for any outstanding debts from your marriage, including the unpaid hospital bill. This is true even if as part of your divorce agreement, your husband agrees to pay certain debts. If he does not live up to the agreement for some reason and defaults on the debts he said he would pay, the creditors can look to you for payment.

If you are working with a divorce attorney, be sure to let the attorney know about the unpaid hospital bill. If you are not working with an attorney, it might be a good idea to hire one, assuming you can afford to do so. The attorney may be able to help you resolve the hospital bill as part of your divorce negotiations.

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