Debt was not validated

by Gordon
(Glendive, Montana)

I received the letter from the debt collector which stated I had 30 days to dispute all or part of the debt. In such case, the debt collector said they would provide me with the information I disputed. Instead, they did not provice me anything and went straight to a court asking for a judgement against me. My question is: Since they did not provide me with the info they promised and which I requested, can I beat them in the court as I believe they have dishonored themselves?

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Apr 14, 2011
Debt was Not Validated as Requested

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) gives you 30 days after a debt collector first contacts you about a debt to request that the debt be validated and the collector is legally required to respond. It appears therefore that the collector has violated your legal rights. However, are you sure that the collector received your request? It's best to put your request in writing and send it via certified mail with a return receipt requested. That way you have proof that it was received and the date that it was received. (Be sure to make a copy of your request letter.) Asking for validation over the phone is risky because it leaves you with no written of proof of your request and when you made it. However if you do make a request for validation by phone, you should follow it up with a written request and once again, you should send it via certified mail with a return receipt.

I recommend that you get in touch with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps consumers resolve debt collection problems right away to discuss your options in light of the lawsuit and your validation request. Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney here. You may have grounds for suing the collector.

Bottom line, get legal help immediately now that you've been sued.

Apr 14, 2011
Validation or not their going to lie to you and the court
by: Anonymous

Make sure you show up for court or answer the summons and file it with the court in the time frame given.always keep copies of everything.

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